Josh McDaniels has finally been canned by the Raiders.

Raiders fans have been screaming at Mark Davis at games for the last few weeks to pull the trigger and get rid of McDaniels but Davis always defended his coach. But after another bad loss, and this time on Monday Night Football, Davis gave him the boot.

This is a fascinating case study for NFL coaches because McDaniels has gotten two shots at being an NFL head coach and he did the exact same thing both times to get himself fired.

His first head coaching job was with the Broncos. As soon as he got there he got rid of a proven quarterback in Jay Cutler. Cutler hadn't won anything, but he was a top five passer in the league. McDaniels wanted somebody in there who he could control so he gets rid of Cutler, gets Kyle Orton (no talent) and is fired in a two years.

He came to Vegas and did the exact same thing. He inherited Derek Carr, a proven NFL quarterback who hadn't won anything but the season before McDaniels showed up he was a top five passer in the league. McDaniels forces Carr out, brings in somebody who he could control, Jimmy Garppolo, and they suck and McDaniels is fired.

I don't think the Raiders were crazy to give McDaniels a shot, I think he was crazy to redo every mistake he had previously made.

The problem for the Raiders is they now have to pay McDaniels fully guaranteed contract all while they are still paying Jon Gruden!

Will they stick with the interim Antonio Pierce or will they go outside for their next coach? We'll see.

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