Keyonte George got a tattoo of Will Smith in Men in Black.

There are those who say: "Will Smith made After Earth, how can we ever paint him on our thighs?"

And then there are those who say: "Yeah but he also did that song about Miami that really took over the summer of 1999."

And people love Smith because he was on every afternoon after school on the Fresh Prince, and they would dip their graham crackers in milk and watch Will overcome plot obstacles by employing charm and humor. And at the end he'd give his big uncle a hug and his big uncle would say something sort of sappy but then he'd punch it up with a joke at the end and the audience would leave the episode with a bright feeling inside.

Now, Will slapped Chris Rock but I don't know how much that has effected his box office numbers. Bad Boys: Ride or Die is currently at $289 million.

According to Vince Mancini's review on Substack (minor spoilers):

"Bad Boys Ride Or Die actually works. It’s not a thrilling action film or a hilarious comedy by any stretch, but it’s a fun enough time for the self-selecting audience who paid to see a Bad Boys movie (which includes me mostly out of duty, after we devoted a whole month to Martin Lawrence movies on the Frotcast). Just when it starts to get a little boring, an alligator shows up in the third act."

I won't be seeing the movie.

What do you think of George's tattoo?

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