There's nothing more exciting than the opportunity to be disappointed by once in a generation full solar eclipse.

Millions of people have travelled many miles to get into the "path of totality" where the sky will sort of go dark as if it's evening. And there are those who will look up and say things like: "this is sort of disappointing" and others who will say: "is that it?" and then they'll all pile into their Hyundai Santa Fe and wait 90 minutes for a booth at Denny's near the interstate exit just outside of Cleveland.

Those that don't take the time to appreciate the cosmic ballet that will play out today will look back and think: "I don't remember that."

So if you're in Utah, and are looking for the best place to be disappointed by the once in a lifetime galactic do-si-do that will take place today here's some information from FOX13: (full link)

"The closest point of totality to Utah during the eclipse is in Texas. NASA mapped out the gradually decreasing levels of eclipse totality from the eclipse's main path.

The greatest degree of eclipse in Utah will be seen in the southeast corner, then it becomes gradually less extreme the further northwest. In the northwest corner of the state, it will be about 40-45 percent at the peak. In the southeast corner, it's between 60-65 percent."
This sounds like a can't miss disappointment that you'll be able to tell your children and children's children about how you were there to see it get: "pretty dark for lunchtime."

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