Utah politicians are visibly upset China isn't raising our children properly. Basicallly, "Hello Chinese, stop putting addictive stuff on my kid's phone, NCIS is on..."

And some people are saying things like: "It's your kid, Heber."

And because TikTok is apparently better than Tom Sawyer and some say most of Gary Paulsen's crap, parents are starting to get concerned that their kids are spending too much time watching Chinese propaganda on TikTok instead of mowing the lawn.

And those that love TikTok say: "How is watching Dakota do the Macarena 'Chinese propaganda?"

And: "If you take my TikTok away I won't be your go-to orderer for Taco Bell on Grubhub on Saturday night when you see a commercial for a beefy crunch."

And because we're soft we say, "keep your Chinese spy device just try and put it down every once in a while."

But that's not good enough anymore for Utah politicians.

According to the Associated Press: (link to full article)

"Utah became the latest state Tuesday to file a lawsuit against TikTok, alleging the company is “baiting” children into addictive and unhealthy social media habits.

TikTok lures children into hours of social media use, misrepresents the app’s safety and deceptively portrays itself as independent of its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, Utah claims in the lawsuit.

We will not stand by while these companies fail to take adequate, meaningful action to protect our children. We will prevail in holding social media companies accountable by any means necessary,” Republican Gov. Spencer Cox said at a news conference announcing the lawsuit, which was filed in state court in Salt Lake City."

Do you let your kids TikTok?

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