In the 1960's certain Utah men who graduated from the Marriott School of Business had a tendency to "fly-off-the-handle" when confronted with a bill full of non-store brand Chef Boyardee.

These are the men who knew the exact percentage of a family's income that should have been allotted to TV dinners, microwave popcorn, JELL-O, RC Cola, generic Fruit Loops, Suave shampoo etc...

Back then, the average cost of groceries per month was three and half bucks. Even so, an unexpectedly high bill would have mother all in a quiver.

"What's with the tomato sauce, darling? Are we expecting company?"

These days folks spend a lot more on groceries and part of that is because our money is worth little more than an Onix Concepcion baseball card and some people think soon we'll have to do like the Venezuelans and haul our cash into Smith's with wheelbarrows.

According to, the average grocery bill for a family of 3.5 in Utah is $909 dollars. (Full Article)

That's $259 bucks a person.

Here's what they say:

"How much you spend on food each month can vary depending on where you live. The Bureau of Economic Analysis found that Utah’s average annual (non-restaurant) food cost per person is $3,112, which equates to about $259 a month.

The Council for Community and Economic Research , which ranks the food costs in American cities, ranked Utah major cities’ grocery costs for the second quarter of 2022 (shown from lowest to highest)."


Utah CityGrocery Items Index
Cedar City99.2
Salt Lake City104.0

How does this compare with what you're spending?

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