It's become popular for Utah fans to mock BYU fans because of the struggles of Zach Wilson. BYU fans will say, "well at least we can get quarterbacks drafted into the league, see Wilson and Jaren Hall". Utah fans will say: "Hey! Tyler Huntley went to the Pro Bowl last year!" Then BYU fans will say, "yeah but that's because every other quarterback didn't want to go." And on and on we go.

These conversations go on for eternity unless the start arguing about receivers.

Utah fans have nothing they can say about Puka Nacua.

Nacua had the best rookie season for an receiver ever according to two of the most important measurements: yards and receptions.

I thought Nacua would be average like a lot of people did. He was amazing. He was Cooper Kupp when Kupp was hurt and then when Kupp came back he was still dominant. Nacua became Stafford's go to guy in key situations in the red zone and on third downs.

Nacua was considered one of the best receiver talents to ever come out of Utah. But he didn't get a lot of opportunities at Washington and then when he came to BYU he got hurt a lot. He was great but he was always hurt.

The fact that he goes to the NFL and is one of the best receivers in the league in year one is unbelievable and BYU fans should spend more time gloating about Nacua and less time arguing with Utah fans about Zach Wilson or Utah State fans about Jordan Love.

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