By Andy Thompson, ESPN 977

Are you somebody who will leave a game early?

It's the 7th inning and your team is down eight runs...are you leaving to beat traffic?

Or it's a football Saturday. Been a long day. You got up early, you took the train into the game, you tailgated, made your own food, painted your face, painted your kids face, bought your other kid a jersey, payed 3 figures for your tickets. But the third quarter just ended, and your team is down 31 points. Is it time to pack it up? It's a mutiny. Your kids are exhausted and freaking out, your wife is tugging on your jacket.

It's at this point in the game when you are graded as a fan. Are you packing it up?

We're in the bottom of the 7th of the College football season. It's starting to get cold. Conference standings are getting more and more in stone. Here's who's packed it up in college football:

Texas A&M. Huge hype. Loss, Loss, Loss, Loss. Locker room lost. Season lost. Pack it up. Get on the recruiting trail for next year.. Pack it up.

Iowa State. 3-0. Lost 5 straight, season lost locker room lost. Pack it up go home it's starting to rain.

Here's who hasn't packed it up: Utah Tech. Five straight losses. Six Straight to FCS opponents. Quarterback situation has been a mess. Traveling to Nagadoches, Texas. Flight delayed on tarmac. Playing a ranked opponent. It's the pack it up part of the season. Bottom of the 7th. Six losses in a row. Last play of the game from the one-yard-line...they got the stop. That's a team who hasn't packed anything up. Very impressive.

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