Here's our Holiday Advice for 2022...

1. Just stay home

This is the worst video I've ever seen.


Black ice is a silent killer. How did that maniac get out into the middle of the freeway?

The point is, just stay in St. George. Don't drive up north. Look at SUU's basketball team this week:

Christmas is for sitting in a recliner, watching the Lakers lose, and then playing pickleball if you dang well want to on the 26th. You can't do that in Salt Lake. Just stay here.

2. Support Drive Thru Employees in the Rain

We all know Chick-Fil A has the best drive thru execution in the country (IN-N-OUT is second).

Let's support these fine folks who have to work over the holidays and in inclement weather. It's supposed to rain a bunch in St. George over the next four days.

3. Don't Watch This Movie 

attachment-Amazon movie cover

It's terrible.

It's got a great build up but then treats you like a schmuck in the last 20 minutes. I understand you want to binge crap over the holidays but this is actual crap. Binge old episodes of NFL quarterback challenges where you can watch Favre take on Jake Plummer in a "How Far Can You Throw It?" challenge on youtube.

attachment-Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 12.07.24 PM


4. Pray Your Idiot Kid Can Save Grandma

There's always a close call at Christmas. Somebody is going to fall, or they're stuck somewhere or in something, like a bad conversation with an uncle-in-law. You need a buddy who will save you. Who is it? Who is going to come over when you're tapping yourself on the head? or when you're hanging from the roof?


Merry Christmas!!




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