A member of the Facebook group "Restore Utah's State Flag" posted this over the weekend:

attachment-Reddit post about taking flag from kid

"Many hands and many voices of reason make the load of the task lighter for everyone. The abomination was taken down. Thank you to those who spoke up. I felt bad for the kid. I don't think he knew any better."

She's talking about the new Utah State Flag. Apparently, a group of people convinced the kid who was running the stand to take down the new Utah State Flag which caused a huge stir online as you can imagine.

"What's the issue here? Isn't that the new UT flag?" one Redditor asked (No_Purpose6484)

"It is. There are a bunch of far-right conservatives who believe the new flag is 'woke'" the original poster replied.

"I am fairly conservative and I think it's way better than Utah's old flag! I only wish the did orange on the bottom because the red rocks are much more orange than red," added u/iluvUcuzUrPizza

Here is the Restore Utah's Flag group's reasoning behind their push to get the old flag back:

There are a lot of people who think the new design is better because it is instantly recognizable like the flags of Colorado, Arizona, and Texas. Whereas the old flag was the state seal which looked similar to several other flags of the union.

attachment-Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 9.59.03 AM

But the other side is about preserving the history and also allowing the people to vote more directly on it.

What do you think?

What Do You Think The New Utah Flag Should Be?

These are the semi-finalists for the new Utah state flag. The link to vote is below. Hurry! Voting closes on October 5th, 2022!

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