Dr. Drew Pinsky said something about Mormons that caught my ear the other day.

Dr. Drew is most famous for his show Celebrity Rehab from the 2000's, which you'll remember.

He also hosted Loveline for years which Gen-X and Millennial teenagers would listen to in their rooms late at night quietly so their parents couldn't here. This was a simpler time when kids owned handheld radios like Marty McFly.

Dr. Drew is now the host of several podcasts.

One of them is called "Adam and Dr. Drew" which he hosts with Adam Carolla.

On the episode entitled "#1729 Work, Love, Play" at the 15:15 minute mark Drew and Adam were talking about the value of working a hard job when you're young.

Adam: I probably told my son I'll pay you $200 bucks a day to go work at McDonald's. See if you can last six months...anything you don't want to do, that you end up doing a lot of, will exercise the same muscles (generating character, work ethic etc...)

Then Drew said:

Drew: "There was this couple, Yale law professors, they were looking at their classes and realized they were seeing patterns. It was mostly in these Ivy League law schools, they were seeing Nigerians, Jews, Chinese and Mormons. Those were the four groups over-represented. So they went in and studied and said what is it about these groups that is getting these kids to this point and it was delayed gratification, special purpose, and focus on education."

Pretty nice feather in the cap for those four groups of people.

And cool to hear it on Adam and Dr. Drew's show. They have been an awesome tandem for years.

(FYI the podcast has an explicit rating because of swearing)

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