Crumbl is taking over the world and part of that process requires trimming some of that fat off. And people get revved up about calling employees "fat" but this is conquest and a game of inches and every marketing graduate out of BYU and Utah State is starting a cookie company so get ready.

"Come into my office. Don't sit down" type of stuff.

According to KSL (full article)

"Multiple people claiming to be former employees of Crumbl Cookies made enraged statements online and through news tips on Saturday. They said that there had been at least 100 layoffs.

The Utah-based cookie company was called the 'fastest-growing dessert chain in the United States' by the New York Times in April of 2023."

Apparently, the employees that got let go are upset that the Crumbl CEO, Sawyer Hemsley, is posting about building his new mansion all while firing a bunch of people.

There are those who say "look kid, this isn't Chuck E. Cheese, and I'm not an animatronic mouse."

Some others say "I deserve $22.50 an hour."

And still others who say "I find Crumbl cookies dry by the time they get to my living room."

Sawyer Hemsley is a proud graduate of Utah State University and his cookie shops are all over places like Illinois and Ohio and places where sugar isn't necessarily the drug of choice like it is in Hemsley's home state, which makes it even more impressive.

Why eat a cookie when you can save your carbs for an evening with Johnnie Walker? But heck, he's converting everybody. I guess except those who got a pink slip.

First Look: Crumbl Cookies in Dartmouth is Officially Open

Maddie was on-site for the Grand Opening Celebration of Crumbl Cookies in Dartmouth, and from the looks of it, the SouthCoast is crazy for Crumbl.

Gallery Credit: Maddie Levine

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