I wrote about Chuck’s Phat Phillys a few weeks ago because it had a 5.0 rating on Google and I had never been. 

So this week I finally got over there.

It’s located right next to Kneader’s on Bluff Street.


Here’s what the truck looks like:


Here’s the menu.


I know what you’re thinking...you're doing the math.

$12 bucks for a sandwich, $5 bucks for fries, and $2 bucks for a drink—that’s $19 bucks for lunch!

Let’s not get hung up on the price as part of this review. Everything costs a million dollars right now so I’m not going to hammer anybody for price.


My wife ordered and said “I’ll have a Philly”

And Chuck said: “Oh, it’s not just any Philly!”

I like that confidence.


attachment-Phat philly clean

This sandwich comes out piping hot. The cheese is melted beautifully. The bun is warm and lightly toasted on the edges. Everything is just well put together.


The peppers smell amazing on the griddle. It’s like you’re really in the City of Brotherly Love.


attachment-Cheesesteak bite

I couldn’t have been more pleased. My first bite was electric. The steak was fantastic and the cheese and peppers just combine to give it that awesome flavor. It also comes with Chuck’s special sauce that I think is a vinegar based sauce that was tangy and had a little punch to it as well. 


The fries were double fried, crunchy on the outside, very fresh. 

I loved this meal and went back again later in the week.


I don’t give "scores" because they can be confusing and everybody's scale is different.

In my opinion, the most telling way to score a restaurant is by saying how many more times you’ll go back in this calendar year. 

So here’s my score: I will go back to Chuck’s Phat Phillys at least 6 TIMES before December 31st. 

That’s a huge score.

Highly recommend. Love Chuck. Love the Philly. So well done.

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