I had never heard of Faith Dickey until today.

She is one of the best high wire competitors going right now.

Here's a video of here crossing over a high wire in Moab, Utah free solo:

There is nothing more transfixing than watching stuff like this. Part of it makes me physically ill because I'm so horrified but another part of it is inspiring.

People who do stuff like this are beyond my comprehension.

Faith Dickey works for a company called Elevate Outdoors and is a guide for people in Moab who want to try to high wire with restraints.

Her bio reads:

My name is Faith Dickey (she/her), and I am the owner of Elevate Outdoors, a premier guiding service in Moab, Utah.

"My company offers premier guiding services that include climbing, canyoneering and a brand-new activity on the market: Highlining. I started Slacklining in 2008, and broke my first world record in the sport in 2009... I was the first person to walk a highline in high heels, the first woman to free solo a highline (walk without a safety tether), the first woman to cross the 100 meter mark in highlining, and at various times leveled the playing field with men and shared world records with my male counterparts. I was the undefeated women's world record holder in Highlining for 6 years, and the undefeated women's solo record holder for 12 years." 

In my opinion Dickey and that nut who climbed Half Dome free solo, are a couple of the greatest athletes to ever live. It seems supernatural.

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