Is this some kind of sick joke?

The media sometimes is unfair to our great state and they publish things that make us look bad. Is this one of those situations? Why do they do this? Are they trying to make us look like a backwards state full of mouth-breathing hillbillies?

Well, mission accomplished.

According to Fox 2 Now, Utah's favorite Halloween candy is Candy Corn.

This can't be true.

I'd rather have circus peanuts which are wretched than damned candy corn.

Do you like candy corn or does it give you a headache?

Here's the full list of favorite candy by state: (full article)

StateTop Candy2nd Place3rd Place
AlabamaSkittlesStarburstHershey’s Mini Bars
AlaskaTwixSour Patch KidsMilky Way
ArizonaHershey KissesHot TamalesSnickers
ArkansasButterfingerJolly RanchersM&M’s
CaliforniaM&M’sReese’s CupsSkittles
ColoradoMilky WayHershey KissesTwix
ConnecticutAlmond JoyMilky WayM&M’s
DelawareSour Patch KidsSkittlesLife Savers
FloridaReese’s CupsSkittlesHot Tamales
GeorgiaJolly RanchersSwedish FishReese’s Cups
HawaiiHershey’s Mini BarsSkittlesButterfinger
IdahoSnickersStarburstCandy Corn
IllinoisSour Patch KidsKit KatStarburst
IndianaStarburstHot TamalesJolly Ranchers
IowaReese’s CupsM&M’sHershey’s Mini Bars
KansasM&M’sSour Patch KidsReese’s Cups
KentuckyReese’s CupsHot TamalesSwedish Fish
LouisianaLemonheadsReese’s CupsBlow Pops
MaineSour Patch KidsCandy CornStarburst
MarylandHershey KissesHershey’s Mini BarsReese’s Cups
MassachusettsButterfingerSour Patch KidsDubble Bubble Gum
MichiganStarburstCandy CornButterfinger
MinnesotaHot TamalesTootsie PopsSkittles
Mississippi3 MusketeersSnickersButterfinger
MissouriAlmond JoyMilky WayHot Tamales
MontanaTwixM&M’sDubble Bubble Gum
NebraskaSour Patch KidsSalt Water TaffyTwix
NevadaHershey’s Mini BarsHot TamalesHershey Kisses
New HampshireReese’s CupsM&M’sStarburst
New JerseyTootsie PopsM&M’sSkittles
New MexicoHot TamalesCandy CornHershey’s Mini Bars
New YorkSour Patch KidsHot TamalesCandy Corn
North CarolinaM&M’sReese’s CupsHershey’s Mini Bars
North DakotaHot TamalesCandy CornJolly Ranchers
OhioBlow PopsM&M’sStarburst
OklahomaSkittlesDubble Bubble GumSnickers
OregonM&M’sReese’s CupsCandy Corn
PennsylvaniaHershey’s Mini BarsM&M’sSkittles
Rhode IslandM&M’sTwixCandy Corn
South CarolinaSkittlesButterfingerCandy Corn
South DakotaStarburstJolly RanchersCandy Corn
TennesseeTootsie PopsSalt Water TaffySkittles
TexasSour Patch KidsReese’s CupsStarburst
UtahCandy CornTootsie PopsM&M’s
VermontM&M’sSkittlesMilky Way
VirginiaButterfingerM&M’sHot Tamales
DCM&M’sTootsie PopsBlow Pops
WashingtonTootsie PopsSalt Water TaffyM&M’s
West VirginiaHershey’s Mini BarsBlow PopsHot Tamales
WisconsinButterfingerHot TamalesStarburst
WyomingReese’s CupsSalt Water TaffyDubble Bubble Gum

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Gallery Credit: AJ Battalio

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