A.I. produced a "typical Utah couple" and here's what I was expecting...

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Remember these two jamokes?

Jessica Simpson Launches Body Care Fragrance Line
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Doesn't this look like Utah to you? 

She's even holding some essential oils in that picture. She's hosting a kickoff party at her house in Desert Ridge Canyons tonight.

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But no, that's not what A.I. thinks of the typical Utah couple.

Here's what A.I. thinks:

Reddit, u/-LilPickle
Reddit, u/-LilPickle

Love it!

This is a true Utah couple. They look like our version of American Gothic. Proud. Severe. Capable. 

That's what I want, not a couple of airheads who can't change a flat tire like bimbo and mimbo (Jessica and Nick above).

Here's what people thought about the accuracy of the A.I.'s depiction: (full link here)


"To me it looks like Southern Utah, Iron County mostly, for some reason"


"I’ve lived in Utah all my life. Neither person looks like the typical people I see everyday. Maybe rural Utah, but not the Wasatch Front metro."


"Been here since '77. Every tiny lot downtown is a soon-to-be condo pile. Every open space outside of everywhere is a (ridiculously overpriced) house. You should see some of the freeways between 3:30 and 6 pm. Hoomans from Payson to North Ogden now. Out to the Oquirrhs and Stansbury's, too.

They look tired. Must be the 8 kids.

They look disturbingly like my husband and I. Danish, and German/English genes, is maybe why?"

This lady is spot on. This couple looks like somebody we all know and they are the real Utah.

Good job A.I., you creep.

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