The short answer is no.

But the long answer is: it's in the top 10.

According to flight.everyday here are some of the 10 shortest flights in the country:

10. Las Vegas, NV to St. George, UT

Distance: 128 miles

Time: 32 minutes

Do you know anybody that has made this flight? Most people will take a shuttle. The problem with that is you end up sitting next to a guy who has a band and wants to tell you about the 70's.

9. San Diego to Los Angeles

Distance: 126 miles

Time: 38 minutes

This is a short flight that makes sense because usually with Southern California traffic, this drive takes two months.

8. Atlanta, GA to Chattanooga, TN

Who cares

7. Tampa Bay to Orlando

Time: 29 minutes

Distance: 93.5 miles

6. Chicago to Milwaukee

Time: 31 minutes

Distance: 76 miles

Ok then there's some other flights (you can watch the video) and at #1 is...

1. San Francisco to Oakland 

Time: 20 minutes

Distance: 39 miles

What if the plane goes down and you land in Alcatraz? Why not just trust that the bridge will get you to other side? Is it worth getting stuck in prison with the most dangerous criminals alive or getting eaten by sharks in order to save an hour to avoid the Bay Bridge?

This makes me sick. I bet the only people who take this flight are Taylor Swift and Gavin Newsome. And the Giants to play the A's I guess.

What's the shortest flight you've ever taken? Was it worth it? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!

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