Look... I appreciate history. Especially the history of my hometown, St. George, Utah. Another thing I can appreciate... HOTTNESS! I will now be ranking the Hottest Mayors in the history of St. George, Utah.

If you also appreciate history and hottness, this list is for YOU!

(In no particular order)

1. Thomas Judd

attachment-mayor thomas judd

He's a virgo, a father of 10, and a Bugle player in the Navajo Indian War. As if that's not enough to get him on this list... he also had a sexy British accent! Thomas was born in Chestershire, England, before making his way to St. George when he was 19 years old. You may recognize his name from his VERY St. George Famous store/restaurant that's still around today! Thomas Judd's Store Co., known simply as "Judd's".

attachment-Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 1.42.24 PM

#2. Karl Brooks

attachment-mayor karl brooks

Karl was a REAL St. Georgian! Born here, passed here. But what gets him on the list of HOTTNESS is a couple things. 1. THOSE BABY BLUES! Check out those peepers, man! I'm a sucker for blue eyes, and he had great ones! 2. What's hotter than helping our community? Not much. Karl was Mayor for 12 years (1982-1994) and the city EXPLODED with him at the helm! St. George went from 7-square miles to 60-square miles and 10,000 in population to 50,000 in population!

#3. Bill Barlocker


What puts Bill on this list? Don't ask stupid questions! LOOK AT THOSE TEETH! This photo was taken in what? the 60's? Teeth in the 60's were usually like the Spice Girls: They're all different colors, and doing their own thing! Also... That hairline! I'm actually jealous of it. Guaranteed this dude never went bald. The teeth and hairline get Bill on this list with zero questions asked!

#4. Joseph Young

attachment-mayor joseph young

Did his photo give you a jump-scare? Me too. And that's HOT! He looks like he just hid a body somewhere on Pine Valley, but those eyes are piercing! Another great hairline, great eyes, full-on Amish beard, and those cheekbones? COME ON JOSEPH! Save some scary but sexy features for the rest of us. If you see Joseph in your dreams, it's either the best dream you've ever had, or the worst nightmare you've ever had, and there's no in-between.

#5.  Anthony Ivins


Before ANYTHING else... The dude is just hot. I'm jealous of the beard. I'm jealous of his hairline, and i'm jealous of his overall swag. He was born in New Jersey, made the trek across the plains as a 1-year old baby! That's SHOCKING that he even survived. That's HOT. Seven years later, he and his family made the trek to St. George to be one of the first families to ever live here. Plus... The city of Ivins is named after him! 100% HOT!

#6. Current Mayor: Michele Randall


She's the FIRST female Mayor in St. George history. THAT'S HOT! I'm a sucker for firsts, and that's a big one! Plus... the obvious! She's a babe and we all know it. But the biggest reason she's on this list has been her fight with cancer. She had her own battle with Breast Cancer and she's come out on top! My own mother had her battle in 2020, and Michele was there for her. It was VERY COOL and I've loved her ever since. She's also used her platform to encourage women to get their annual mammograms! And that's definitely HOT!

Photo cred:

Washington County Historical Society. https://wchsutah.org/towns/st-george-mayors.php

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