That's right... we're going there.

What if you need it TODAY and you can't Amazon them...?

I'm not here to "Yuck" your "Yum". I'm here to help. So, where in town can you get some ADULT TOYS?!


Spencer's Gifts: 

They're located inside the Red Cliffs Mall. They've got 4.3 Stars on Google, and the reviews are mostly good! They've got a huge variety for PROBABLY everyone. Whatever you're into... They probably have something that can help with that.

Mojo's Smokes and Gifts:

They're located at 695 N Bluff Street in St. George. They've got 3.5 Stars on Google, but the reviews... are less than promising.

D&D Variety:

They're located at 435 Aviation Way in Cedar City. They've got 3.4 Stars on Google, and mostly positive reviews. They've got JUST ABOUT ANYTHING inside that store!


There's also smaller things you can purchase at like... Walmart or Target, but definitely NOT the variety like you'll get at the stores listed above.

If you're looking for a MASSIVE selection of "Toys", your best bet is Las Vegas. You can throw a rock and hit a store that SHOULD satisfy.

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