Need some ideas for your dating arsenal? It's fun to mix things up every once in awhile. Here are some great ideas for St George and southern Utah.

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Dinner and a movie is it a tried and true date night. But mix it up and do something a little different. Do dinner to go and a movie in the back of your truck or SUV! It's a blast and you don't have to be quiet during the movie. Check out places like Snow Canyon State Park, Gunlock State Park or Three Peaks Recreation Area.

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Do a Taco Tour. I did this with a few other couples and it was a blast. We piled in 2 different vehicle and stopped at 3 different taco shops and rated the tacos. We didn't keep a tally but next time I want to just for fun. It was reminiscent of a high school field trip. We had so much fun we are planning to do it again.

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Be a kid again and rent the scooters in downtown St George. Stop for ice cream or a snow cone and enjoy each others company. I think we forget that the time spent together is more important than the money we spend.

Plan ahead and get tickets to the Utah Shakespeare Festival  If you scroll down the page on the Utah Shakespeare Festival website (link above), there are discounts available. And don't forget about  Tuahcan.

Watch for discounts for your Tuacahn tickets or call and ask for the locals discount. We have amazing talent and gorgeous scenery in southern Utah. Sometimes we forget to enjoy it.

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