There are 10 quintillion insects in the world according to the Entomology Society of America. That’s a 1 with 19 zeros after it. It also means there are 1.4 billion insects for each one of us. That seems like a lot. I was in Wyoming one summer and I think I was swarmed by at least a billion of them that day. 

Here in Southern Utah, it’s not too bad when it comes to bugs. I have lived in other places where going outside brought out all sorts of creatures, especially as the sun went down. I drove the Al-Can Highway through Canada and into Alaska, and there were mosquitos that were the size of my thumb. Visiting my brother in Houston made me fear to step off his lawn for all the bugs that could land on you or burrow into your feet. 

Here in the desert, going outside is usually not too bothersome. There’s occasionally flies and hornets that will bother a backyard barbecue. Sometimes gnats will swarm if you are by a reservoir, but other than that, the desert heat seems to keep them mostly in check. However, we do have our share of bothersome insects. 

Saying that, insects are hugely beneficial to plants and the environment and modern life has taken a toll on their numbers. However, the insect population isn’t in danger of disappearing anytime soon. 

Here’s a look at the insects you may run into living in Southern Utah. If you’ve lived here for anytime, you have probably run into these critters. Bonus points if you can find them in your backyard over the summer.

15 Insects That Will Invade Your Southern Utah Backyard


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