Birth of a White Buffalo Calf is Documented in Yellowstone 

Recently, a photographer captured the birth of a buffalo calf with white fur and black eyes, nose and hoofs. This news was celebrated by native peoples in North America and especially the Lakota tribe of South Dakota. 

There is a story of the white buffalo woman who came at a time thousands of years ago when the people were starving. She approached two scouts. The first tried to take her and make her his wife while the other showed her respect. The first was destroyed and she told the other she would visit his people.

The next day she came singing and carrying a bundle. With the bundle she gave them the gift of the buffalo that would sustain life. She also told them she would return again as a white buffalo calf when the world was in trouble again. 

What Does the White Buffalo Mean Today? 

Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota is considered the keeper of the sacred bundle. He says, “Mother earth is sick and has a fever.” The white buffalo woman said she would return at time when people are sad and there is a lot of anger. The earth will be in turmoil with volcanoes and earthquakes. 

He goes on to say humanity has a choice to make. We can choose to continue in chaos and suffer the consequences or we can come together and become one people with one prayer.  

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Part of the message seems to mean that we have spent too much time trying to own and consume resources and control other people like the first scout. When we show respect and gratitude like the second, things will improve. 

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