Aviation Camp at the Warbird Museum  

The most irritating thing any parent can hear in the summer is, “Mom, I’m bored.” Maybe this summer it is time to inspire your kids to fly. You could take them to the airport and load them on a plane, or even better, send them to a daily camp at a museum. 

The Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum sits in two hangars at the St. George Airport and features displays and information about aviation in America. There are real planes to look at and they are taken care of by local volunteers who love the history of flight. 


This summer as a fundraiser for the museum, they are offering a summer camp for kids ages 6 to 12 for the first part of June. There is a tax-deductible donation of $50 for each child that will help the museum continue their work. 

What Campers Will Learn 

Every day there will be activities and games to teach kids about the basics of aviation. Your child will arrive home talking about the forces of flight like thrust, weight, drag and lift. They will learn the different parts of a plane and be inspired by man’s quest for flight. 

"We've got fun hands-on activities for each of the days," said Dennis Johnson, one of the volunteers at the museum. "You can't help but be inspired by these planes and their history."

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For information and to get your future pilot signed up, contact Dennis Johnson by email at dennis.f.johnson21@gmail.com  

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