People Leaving the Coast and Moving to the Mountains  

You may wonder why Utah has become a destination for so many people leaving other states. You have probably noticed more people in your neighborhood who have moved recently from California. It may be due to reels and videos like these on the internet. 

This is from The Data Boys that shows places where you are most likely to die from cancer. It is a graph that follows each state and the statistics through the years. West Virginia and Maine are at the top followed by a whole jumble of states. 

At the bottom separated by a large space, Alaska and Utah start out together and then separate with Alaska’s risk going higher. Meanwhile, Utah’s line slowly meanders along with all that space in-between.

According to the CDC, the highest risk for death from cancer is in the South. The lowest risks are in the west and specifically the mountainous states with Utah as the lowest.

Western States Are Healthy

For a long time people didn't see the mountain states as a destination. They were snowy cold places and Utah led the way in being unappealing because of the perception that it was boring and religious. Something has changed these last few years.

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Perhaps part of the reason is due to videos like this one. Seeing the benefits of Utah displayed in such a graphic way has to speak to people. Do you think the image of the beehive state is changing? Is that a good thing?

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