Have You Had Dreams About Falling or Getting Lost? 

An article on Fox Business looks at the dreams people have when they are worried about inflation and the rising costs of putting food on the table. These worries show up in our dreams. 

Here are the most common dreams about money instability. You lose money or credit cards in the dreams. You fall and fall without reaching the bottom, or you are lost in a forest or a building where you cannot find the way out. These dreams increase when you feel bills looming over you and can disturb your sleep. 


Why Do We Dream? 

I worked with a woman who had a gift for understanding dreams. If you told her what you dreamt, she would tell you what was occupying your thoughts and how the dream revealed it. It was disturbing to see my unconscious so clearly and I started keeping my dreams to myself. 

I did learn something from her about why we dream. Our bodies feel a strong emotion and our mind makes up a scenario for what we are feeling. These are dreams. If you think about it, we do this all the time even when we are awake. 

Emotions are the Key to Understanding Dreams 

When you feel fear driving, your mind will make up a scenario where you wreck. You walk past the boss's closed door, and you feel unsettled. Soon your mind is imagining a scenario where you get fired. Daydreams are a story your mind gives you for happy feelings. 

We learn to ignore these thoughts during the day as they are irrational. During the night, our mind is making up stories to explain the emotions and our conscious mind can't ignore them.

When you wake up from a dream in the middle of the night, take note of the emotion you are feeling. If you think about the day before, you can usually find a time when you were feeling that way. Then you can deal with the emotional situation rationally.

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Bringing these worries to your conscious self can be helpful. Ask family, friends and coworkers if they are having the same dreams. The worst that can happen is you have a good laugh about the weird things we are all experiencing at night. 

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