Here’s The Pizza for Your American Celebration 

This is what Guy Fieri calls a destination pizza. It is your standard looking slice of dough with melted cheese and toppings, but it features pickles. What is more American than a pickle along with some sausage. It makes you want to stand up and salute. 

There are different recipes for this wood fired dill covered dream. Basically, you want to combine a creamy base sauce that contrasts with the acidic taste of the pickle. Include cheese and crunch and you have it. 

There are many recipes online but sometimes it can be fun to experiment with it. I get the basic ingredients ready and let people make their own version. Here’s what you will need for your pickle pizza. 

Dough: You can make this and let it rise, or in a pinch, thaw some Roads Rolls. 

Creamy Base Sauce: This doesn’t need to be fancy. Just something to contrast with the tangy pickles. Cream cheese with milk and maybe some pickle juice. 

Pickles: I use dill. If you prefer sweet pickles you may want to rethink your base sauce. 

Mozzarella Cheese: Makes it taste like a pizza without getting in the way of the dill. 

Bacon or Sausage: A bowl of bacon crumbles and another with sausage gives you a choice of something crunchy. It is hard to go wrong with bacon. 

Dill Ranch: Put this in a squeeze dispenser to squirt it on the top when the pizza is done. 

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There you go. A pizza party with everyone making their version. It is a lot of fun and people will enjoy discovering this all American dill pickle pie. 

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