Did All Religions Come From One Original Source?

The Ancient Tradition is a podcast hosted by Dr. Jack Logan who is a professor who has researched religious traditions throughout the world. In her study she found reputable scholars that kept pointing out similarities in all these traditions all over the world that indicate there was one original ritual system. 

Abundant evidence in the ancient record indicates a pure, theologically rich religious tradition was imparted to human beings in deep antiquity.   

She probes ancient texts from Egypt, from the Hebrews and from Mesopotamia as well as the Maya in America. All of these describe similarities in the myths, symbols and rituals that point to one original religious rite that Logan says was given to man in the Garden of Eden. 


Why Do Some in Utah Find this Research Fascinating 

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have recognized some of what the podcast discusses in their own temple worship. The religion that was founded in America by Joseph Smith includes a ritual performed in sacred buildings seen throughout the state. 

The principles described by Dr. Logan's work includes a corporal God, councils in heaven, pre-earth life and the need for a messiah, will sound familiar to those who know the doctrines of the faith. Some who listen have found the rites and myths of these ancient peoples give greater understanding to that found in LDS temples. 

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“I feel like I’m learning a lot about symbolism,” said Jack Lancaster from St. George. “It’s shed light on my understanding and the language of symbolism. It has given me a deeper understanding.” 

Where to Find the Ancient Tradition Podcast 

There is information at the website TheAncientTradition.com along with the 30 plus episodes. They are also available on Spotify and other places podcasts can be found. There are currently four episodes on YouTube with more to be uploaded. 

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