Personalized License Plate Rules for Utah 

Putting your nickname or your life motto on your license plate in Utah can be done but there are rules. Some of the funniest things you may come up with could very well be rejected by the DMV. 

I had personalized plates at one time in my life and they were great. They even got me out of a ticket one time when I was going way too fast. I was going by the name “Palomino” on the radio and when the officer recognized my plate and realized I was going to a remote to give away a car, he let me off with a warning. 

Here’s the Guidelines 

Of course, it can’t have too many letters. It can be 5 to 7 characters depending on the plate you choose with no punctuation. There is also an added fee for specialized plates with a $10 fee each time you renew. 

The message on the plate cannot be vulgar, drug terms, racist or basically ridicule others beliefs or heritage. Here is all the guidelines from the DMV. 

In general, the statute forbids any combination of letters or numbers that “may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency or that would be misleading.” 

Getting Rejected 

It would be fun to sit on the panel who decides what plates will not fly. Of course, there are many times I sit behind a car and have no idea what their license plate is trying to say, so I might need someone to explain them to me. 

Here’s a list of rejected plates... 

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