Life Stress Can Become Overwhelming 

Everyone goes through times in life when life seems ready to overwhelm us. Medical bills or job loss can get to be heavy. You probably know someone who is soldiering under stressful conditions. These are the people we are looking to help with a little getaway. 

Findlay Subaru has teamed up with the Town Square radio stations to send a family from here in Southern Utah to Lagoon. They will get 5 park passes, $100 in gas to get there from Fabulous Freddy's, along with a one-night hotel stay.  

How do You Nominate a Family? 

Now that you have someone in mind who could use a break, how do you get them nominated for this trip? Just visit the Facebook page for Cat Country, Star 98, or B921. You will find the giveaway information pinned to the top. Post the person’s name in the comments. 

The good folks and Findlay Subaru along with the radio station personnel will pick the winner the first part of June. If you do not want to share the person’s name publicly, you can direct message us on the page.  


What Can You Do to Help Others? 

It always feels good to help someone you care about. I will always remember those who went out of their way to help me when I was struggling. This is a good way to give that person you care about a lift. A vacation to Lagoon thanks to Findlay Subaru and Fabulous Freddy's.  

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