If You Missed the Northern Lights Did You Miss Out? 

Recently, your social media feeds were taken over by pictures of the Northern Lights. You may have that fear of missing out feeling because instead of getting up in the middle of the night, you slept through it. And even if you did get up, you didn’t go to some great lookout location to get a peek. 

I spent some time in Alaska and witnessed the Aurora Borealis from that vantage point. I was surprised when I saw the pictures from Utah that looked far more stunning than I had seen from so much closer to the North Pole. 

It May Not Have Looked as Good in Person as It Did on the Phone Camera 

This should make you feel better if you decided to choose sleep. The photos were far better than what the eye saw according to this story from the Fox Affiliate in Ohio. People taking pictures with their cell phones noticed a big difference from what they were seeing. 

It wasn’t that most were purposefully trying to deceive, it was improvement in cell phone camera technology that made the difference. Cell phone manufacturers realized people want good pictures at night and designed the camera lens so it would receive more light in dark places. 

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It is like a long exposure shot that increases the light. The cell phone camera is made to take in more light than the human eye does. Many people noticed that what they were seeing near the horizon was more subtle than the photo on their phone. 

The Northern Lights are Worth Seeing 

Having said this, witnessing the sky light up from the electric particles hitting the atmosphere is inspiring. If you don't have too much going on, you should consider getting up. It won’t be something you forget. Just don't expect it to look like the pictures.

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