Southern Utah’s restaurant growth has been exponential over the last few years but there is a restaurant that is still missing; Raising Cane’s. 

St. George seems to be he a hot spot for any chicken-based franchises like Chik-Fil-A, Jay Bird’s, Super Chix, and Popeye’s. But there has been zero mention of Raising Cane’s coming to the area. Heck, I’d drive up to Cedar City for Raising Cane’s.  

The franchise has eight locations up north in Salt Lake City, Riverdale, Layton, and other places. So, why can’t St. George or Cedar City get one too? 

I’m not even someone who LIKES chicken all that much but it's a crime that Raising Cane’s hasn’t made its way to Southern Utah. The chicken fingers are way better than any of the normal ones you’d find from the aforementioned restaurants we have. The crinkle fries are always good and of course, the Texas toast is a must! Plus, Cane’s sauce could give Fry Sauce a run for its money.  

Since 1996, Raising Cane’s has been a chicken finger only restaurant and the simplicity of the menu is still loved to this day. The franchise is also named after a dog that frequented the construction site of the first location. That is pretty cute and a story I can really get behind.  

So, Southern Utah I beg of you to consider adding Raising Cane’s to Southern Utah as one of our available local restaurants. If the food is going to grow in our area, then it might as well be places we adore.  


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