Who cares.

Just kidding this is important.

Katherine Heigl was in Grey's Anatomy and then some Hollywood movies.

She now lives in Utah and has an art exhibition upcoming in Park City.

In an interview with with Harper's Baazar about restaurants in Utah Heigl says:

“There aren’t like tons of sushi places in Utah, but there are a couple really exquisite ones down in Salt Lake,” she said in the Harper’s Baazar video, which has 655,000 views on YouTube. “So if I’m going to make the trip down to Salt Lake, which is a good hour drive, I always make sure we plan for Chopfuku.”



Here's what she said about living in Utah per the Deseret News: (full link)

“I think my children sometimes wish they were in more of a hubbub-y exciting city,” she previously said on an episode of “Today with Hoda & Jenna.” “But I said to them, ‘I understand that you are sacrificing that in some ways but I still think it was the right choice for us as a family because I am more centered and aware of what’s going on in your life.’

"‘It’s a smaller town, I know who your friends are, I know who you are spending time with, I know what’s up with school,’” she continued. “It’s just easier to keep my finger on the pulse.”

What are your thoughts on Katherine Heigl in general and in particular about her favorite restaurants? Are you upset at all, or?

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