There are those who say that the person who's unwilling to come to the door and hand-deliver candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween deserves what they get. And they say this because Halloween is about looking your neighbors in the eye and about a creating a good Charlie Brown feeling. And it's a moment for "let's let the fact that my lawn is unkempt and that my Terrier let's loose on your lawn three times a week, be bygones." Basically, answer your door, Ebenezer.

But then there are those who say: "no pumpkin pickin teenager has the right to raid the bowl I leave out on the porch."

Well, you've undoubtedly seen scenes of larceny online from last night. Kids, and in some cases adults, steeling all of the candy in the bowl and even taking the bowl.

Here's the most viral one...

This one is the worst because it's adults doing it and their children watching! You can tell this group has a motto which is "if these fancy pants think they can take Halloween night off and stay inside watching Scream 3 we're gonna make em pay." The individual ethics fly out the window.

Now this one thing if this crap is happening in Ohio or Florida or some far off land filled with people that don't leave notes on cars that they scrape, but what about our very own Utah?

Yes. It even happens here. (Gasp!)

Here's the video:

Criminal came by and took all our candy (bowl included)
byu/lucid_demons inUtah

Apparently this happened near Clearfield, Utah. Looks to me like these are kids. The hilarious part is that the robber is dressed like a robber. And also per the original poster and homeowner, they not only stole the candy but the dang bowl too.

So be careful wherever you live. After about 9 p.m. the werewolves come out...

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