There are those who go to the zoo on a Saturday and basically go through the motions.

And they're on their Craig's list or their Yahoo app, and they really aren't focused on the experience. And they do that because they think the whole thing stinks, meaning the animals are asleep or hiding and a Sierra Mist costs $73 dollars, and their kids just wanna go back to dead-braining it on bean bags in their air conditioned three bedroom two bath house.

And then there are those who get excited about the new spring inventory of flesh and bone that's making its way to Hogle Zoo.


"On Friday, the zoo announced that Pele, a Western Lowland Gorilla, is expecting. She’s about six months along and due in June or July. Pele was paired with Hogle Zoo resident Husani, a 32-year-old silverback."

Fantastic! A new gorilla and it's named after the greatest soccer player to ever live. Apparently gorillas are taking it on the chin in the wild. Meaning all those movies with Mark Walberg are starting to take a toll vis a vis the species trying to maintain.

Other new animals include cougars.

Per KSL:

"In a few weeks, the cougars will move into their new home in the Wild Utah habitat, which will open to the public in May. While in the habitat, the cougars will become wildlife ambassadors and will be used to teach about wildlife conservation."

What? The cougars themselves will become "ambassadors?"

"Yeah, here's how the wild works, you climb into my mouth and then I bite down and kill you."

What do you think about zoos?

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