Jeopardy! is America's greatest gameshow.

I know there's those dimwitted among us that will argue for Wheel of Fortune, but Jeopardy! has been king for over 60 years.

And so when one of our neighbors from Southern Utah gets on the show, it's a huge deal. In fact, why wasn't it a bigger deal? We should have thrown a parade for Tom Zulewski our very own genius from Washington, UT.

Now, he got beat by some know-it-all named Alex, but who cares. Just making it on the show requires an incredible amount of intelligence and skill.

Plus, Zulewski was lauded by a Sushmita Sen for his fashion choices...(full article on substack)

attachment-TOm Z on jeopardy!

"Tom went with a monochromatic green ensemble tonight. Green has definitely been the trending color the past couple weeks! I like seeing a sweater vest since contestants don’t wear those often."

Here's the recap of the episode it went...

Per sportskeedia:

"Tom Zulewski, lost a Daily Double which brought his scores to negative. However, he crawled his way back to the positive side after giving three correct answers. On the whole, Tom delivered seven correct and three incorrect responses."

Final Jeopardy! question:

“In March 1519, these were again seen in mainland N. America for the first time in 10,000 years with the arrival of 16 of them.”

Raquel and Alex gave the correct answer "horses" while Tom wrote, “alligators.” Take a look at the final results of the July 7 episode:

Alex Gordon: $16,300 + $200 = $16,500 (What are horses?) (2-day total: $41,500)

Raquel Stewart: $7,800 + $5,000 = $12,800 (What is the horse?)

Tom Zulewski: $2,400 – $2,300 = $100 (What is alligators?)

Not bad, Tommy Z.

We're all proud of you!


If you were on Jeopardy, would you have gotten these Utah clues correct? Don't forget to to answer in a form of a question...

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