For how crazy our state is about the Utah Jazz, it's been awfully hard to get their games on TV.

According to Jazz owner Ryan Smith in Joe Coles' article in the Deseret News: (full article here)

“Right now we’re producing Jazz games to 40% of our market. I stood up publicly and said that’s not gonna fly this next year. We’re going wall to wall in the state, 3 million people. Everyone’s going to have access. If you’ve got rabbit ears on your television, you’re going to be able to watch the games,” Smith said.

This isn't an official announcement from Smith, but it clearly alludes to the fact that Jazz games are going to be available for everybody in the state.

The tyrannical reign of AT&T Sportsnet is over!

This is amazing!

Regional sports networks like AT&T, Ballys, Diamond are all going bankrupt because of how hard they made it for fans to access games. Now that more fans are going to be able to watch every game I think it's going to be a lot better for the Jazz brand, sales, ad revenue etc...Ratings will go up for every game.

The Jazz will lose out on a the cash from AT&T, but Smith seems confident they will be able to make it up:

“That’s super important to me ... we’ll figure out how to offset the revenue contract for that another way, but our players and coaches ... they’re working way too hard to not have their games be viewed by the masses.” (Deseret News)

Does this mean that the Jazz will be broadcast on KJZZ?

That would be awesome.

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