According to The Washington Times:

"An atheist group Tuesday called on the city of Orem, Utah, to drop “In God We Trust” as its motto after the city of 98,000 recently adopted the phrase."

Wow. i thought it was gonna be "We have a Krispy Kreme close by" or something.

The lawyer for the atheist group said:

“Statements about a god have no place on city-owned property. Public officials should not use their government position and government property to promote religious belief. The City serves all residents of Orem, not just those who believe in a God or a ‘higher purpose.’”

Wow. How is this gonna go?

"In God We Trust" is on money still I believe and engraved all over state buildings in Washington.

Here's are some thoughts from Redditors on the topic:

u/MiGaOh says:

"Which god?

Zeus? Odin? Nyarlathotep? Joe Pesci?"

u/Intereo says:

"How would Christians like it if the Government started putting up Muslim slogans like "Allahu Akbar" or "Hail Satan" in Government buildings? This is why the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." Those of us who don't believe in any religion see both as the same encroachments on our rights. Not all of us believe in a "God" but we are still American Citizens and deserve to live life without this kind of oppression."

u/SnowyStormz said:

"As an atheist, this is a non issue. God can be whatever you want, satan, jesus, zues, aman rah, even my own self. who cares."

What do you think?

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