In short: nah, I guess.

Cicadas are little insects that God sent down to harass the Pharaoh back before we even knew that the United States existed.

The short of it is basically the cicadas came down and really annoyed the Pharaoh and his family. They just really make a lot of noise.

Luckily for Utahns, in modern times, cicadas stop around Missouri for the most part.

According to ABC4:

"A map, created by the U.S. Forest Service, shows Brood XIX’s territory in light blue, concentrated in Missouri and Illinois, but also scattered across the Southeast from Oklahoma to Maryland. Brood XIX is the largest geographic brood in the nation.

States spared by the trillions of cicadas this year might not be so lucky next year. In 2025, Brood XIV is set to come to life. It’s the second-largest periodical brood of cicadas, according to the University of Connecticut."

Well, Utah will continue to be lucky for awhile. Because the cicada broods won't be coming even in 2025.

Is it because it's dry out here? Who could possibly know.

If for some reason you have plans to leave the state of Utah this summer to go to one of these infested flyover states I'd honestly take some "Off!" Those states are lousy with cicadas and mosquitoes. At least cicadas don't bite. At least I don't think.

Anyway let us know in the comments your least favorite Utah insect and how it's effected your life either in positive or negative way. Have a great rest of your week!

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