Everybody's freaking out about this new black Utah license plate because it looks like something Ryan Smith designed. We get it. It's cool to mail it in these days. It's cool to go to work with an untucked shirt and without your hair parted because that shows the world how cool you are. Well, I've had it. What happened to trying? What happened to art? What happened to putting mountains on everything or heck maybe even a color or two?

Well, here's the new plate.

There's a reason that this plate is historic. It's because they didn't have photoshop in the 1920s.

If it were up to me we'd have a technicolor painting of Ogden Canyon in the fall or Angels Landing. But that wouldn't be cool enough for the hipsters.

The question is, how much does it cost to get one of these babies?

According to my research you can get one of the new ones for about $45 dollars if it's non-personalized. If you want it to say ASSMAN that's gonna cost around $90 dollars.

According to the DMV:

"This plate is a special group plate that benefits the Historical Society of Utah and is available to any model year vehicle, except vehicles with model year 1983 and newer registered as vintage. If vehicles 1983 and newer wish to obtain this plate, they cannot be registered as vintage. This plate may be personalized with up to 7 alphanumeric characters by submitting TC-817, Application for Personalized and Replacement License Plates with the required personalization fee."

Fine, I'll get one.

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