These results shocked me...

License plates are a very telling gauge of fandom because people can put their money where their mouth is.

Anybody can make their name "SUPER-UTE-04" on Twitter. It takes a real fan to pony up the $20 bucks a year or whatever the heck it is to buy a fan license plate.

Let's take a look at the results, from The Salt Lake Tribune. Link to full story.

1 - The University of Utah

attachment-uofu Large

14,243 license plates.

It honestly surprised me that Utah was number one.

I thought it would be BYU, but I guess Salt Lake dominates the population and in this case, the license plate buying as well.

2- Utah State University

attachment-usu Large

7,473 license plates

Here's where it gets shocking. Utah State has more plates than BYU??

How is this possible?

Are BYU fans cheap? Are they boycotting the DMV? or Are Aggie fans just underrated?

Aggie fans are very proud of their school and of being Aggies. Outsiders think that USU is just a backup school that kids go to that didn't get into BYU. Nonsense! Any True Aggie wouldn't be caught dead in Provo and is proud of it.

3 - Brigham Young University

attachment-byu Large

4,216 license plates

This is pitiful.

BYU fans have bumper-stickers, flags, jerseys, etc...but we have no way of tabulating that type of merch.

The merch we can tabulate (license plates) they're getting their butts kicked.

4 - Southern Utah University

attachment-suu Large

2,033 license plates

Bam! Way to go SUU. Top four. Love it.

5 - Utah Valley University

attachment-uvu Large

824 license plates

Ummm. Still waiting for Utah Tech to pop up...

6 - Weber State

attachment-wsu Large

777 license plates

This is pretty weak for one of the greatest schools in the state. Weebcats need more than UVU for hell's sake. They've won tournament games!

7 - Westminster College

attachment-westminster Large

484 license plates

Is this some kind of sick joke? Where is Utah Tech??

8 - Utah Tech University

attachment-utahtech Large

141 license plates



9 - The Andy Thompson Show

attachment-Utah License Plate AT SHOW

0 license plates


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