Colton Gainey sent goosebumps all over Washington County last night.

I’ve watched his walk-off five times and every time I get the jolt.

Gainey got a 2-0 fastball and smoked it over the left-fielder for the win over Nevada and giving Snow Canyon a chance to make history. If they win on Friday (3PM MT on ESPN) they’ll be the first team from Utah to ever go to Williamsport and the Little League World Series.

Snow Canyon will play the winner of Nevada, who they just beat, and Montana for the right to represent the Mountain Region at the LLWS.

St. George is becoming our version of Odessa, Texas or Massilon, Ohio. Those towns are famous for over-producing when it came to football talent. St. George is becoming that for baseball in my opinion. A bubble town with a ton of baseball talent and energy behind the sport. Whereas other parts of the country might be losing steam when it comes to baseball and garnering interest from the younger generation of players, St. George is a bastion for kids who love baseball.

The state championship is won almost every year by a team from Washington County. It seems like there's more next level players and professional prospects in baseball in St. George than any other sport and the Little League organizations, high school programs deserve a ton of credit for making St. George the hot bed for baseball in the state.

I can't wait for Friday and Snow Canyon's chance to make history.

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