Why the heck are people in Utah so tall?

According to WiseVoter.com, Utah is the tallest state in the country (tied with Montana). The average height of a Utahn (men and women combined) is 5'7.7" The average height of men is 5'10.6" which is fifth tallest in the country and the average for women is 5'4.7" which is also fifth. Link to full article

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According to some genius on Quora...(link)

"Non-native settlers in Utah were Mormon pioneers, and much of their genetic legacy still dominates the state today. For a number of reasons, a large number of those settlers were Scandinavian. There's reason to believe that Scandinavian genes are associated with height (the average American man is 5' 9.5" and the average Scandinavian man is between 5'11" and 6'0", depending on which sources you believe). So it makes sense that the average Utahn would be taller than the national average.

As for the rest, we can only speculate about possible reasons. It's certainly possible that something about diet and lifestyle in Utah contributes to taller children. It's been my experience that good childhood nutrition is common in the state (though, of course, not universal). Smoking and drinking of alcohol are less common in the state, which contributes to better maternal health and less risk of low birth weights. Some argue that the Rocky Mountains make for a more active lifestyle (though I'm a bit skeptical of that claim). So it's possible that some combination of those make for healthier children who subsequently grow taller, but that's still just guessing."

Now the answer to who the tallest person to ever come from Utah is obviously the great Shawn Bradley from Castle Dale, Utah, who is 7'6". Is he Scandinavian??

But the tallest guy ever is from Illinois and he's over a foot taller than Bradley...


Robert Wadlow was 8'11" unbelievable.

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