What does it take to be considered a curse in sports?

The Red Sox had to suffer for 86 years, without a World Series because of the "Curse of the Bambino."

The Sox sold the greatest baseball player to ever live for a few hundred thousand dollars and were cursed because of it.

What about the "Madden Curse?"

This curse made any player who was on the cover of the video game either get injured or suck at football the next season...

Garrison Hearst...

Peyton Hillis,

Shaun Alexander,

Vince Young,

Michael Vick

The Madden Curse fell many a promising NFL star.

What about "The Curse of the Billy Goat" with the Cubs?

That one lasted over 100 years...(poor Bartman).

So my question is, at what point can we call what's happening to former Utah Jazz players a curse?

Deron Williams was one of the best guards in the NBA when he was with the Jazz. It was always a debate about who was the best point guard in the game, Williams or Chris Paul? Williams left in 2011 and never mattered again. He was completely forgotten about! That was 12 years ago. Chris Paul is still playing playoff basketball and vying for a championship, Deron Williams hasn't been on relevant in the NBA since 2011!

Gordon Hayward left and broke his leg in his first game as a Celtic. His career has been a disaster ever since.

Enes Kanter left and became the biggest A-Hole in the league.

Most recently, Quin Snyder left and now has to coach Trae Young and was just ousted in the first round of the playoffs.

Donovan Mitchell just lost 4-1 to the Knicks! It was New York's first playoff series win in 10 years!

Rudy Gobert same thing.

We're approaching to curse territory here, Jazz fans.

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