Before we get to the rudest city let's talk about Utah in general. According to a report by Zippia Utah is the 8th rudest state in the country. Here's their criteria: (Link to article)

  • Percent of rude drivers
  • Average tip
  • Amount of cursing to customer service agents
  • How rude the rest of the country finds the state

"First, we looked at the percentage of rude drivers (defined as drivers with failure to yield violations, failure to stop violations, improper backing, passing where prohibited, tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs on their record) according to Insurify. Hear that honking? They think you’re a buffoon."


Then they used Square to analyze tipping data. More on that to come...

They also looked at a site called LivePersons which has data on which states has people more likely to use profanity when talking to customer service reps.

Utah's average tip was 16.6%, rude drivers were 3.6% and according to the report Utahns used profanity on the phone with customer service reps more than all but four states.



Now for the rudest city...

Salt Lake City. I thought for sure it would be some little rural town, but no, they went with the big dog. But let's be fair...SLC ranked as just the 47th rudest city in the country (New York easily number one). Per this report from Business Insider:

"In 2018, Salt Lake City got called out for its rudeness by actor Joseph Morales, during the touring production of "Hamilton."

On Twitter, during the intermission, he posted, "SLC, you're killing me. Put your phones away. We can see you. This isn't a movie. What is up with you guys?"

One person responded and told Morales to "deal with it," because the Utah Jazz, the local NBA team, were in the NBA playoffs."

So what, some nerd from Hamilton (second run cast) doesn't like the Jazz and that's our fault?

What do you think, are Utahns bad tippers? Bad drivers? Profanity users??

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