There are those who say that parts of Utah are living on borrowed time because no mammal should live in the desert and before Swig none of them did. There were lizards and scorpions and spiders. Now there's a bunch of mammals walking around looking for the right entrance of the Pizza Factory to go into.

So there's a bunch of fusspots from the Midwest and even the East Coast who say things like: "Phoenix and Las Vegas were created because of the invention of refrigerated air." And they say that because they think desert cities aren't as "good" as their old world rainy cities. And they cast judgement on people who live in beautiful weather in November.

Well, there's a county in Utah who's saying they're gonna be proactive and try and save some water in a place that doesn't generate its own. They've been buying people's lawns since late 2022.

(Here's an example from Tahoe)


"The Washington County Water Conservancy District began its turf buyback program in December 2022. “Utah is now on the front lines of water conservation,” says Doug Bennett, conservation manager for the district and a leader in developing turf buyback programs across the West. “The turf buyback program is at the forefront of the county’s conservation strategy. Conservation doesn’t require expansion of infrastructure, making it the most cost effective water supply strategy.”

They pay you $2 per square foot for 5,000 square feet. You then dig up your crappy lawn and put in turf like the Blue Jays did. And this saves a bunch of water.

Have you done this?

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