Some say there's no better place to express your political views in this country than on the marquee outside of your gun shop. That's what James Madison and the boys envisioned when they wrote the plot to this whole thing. A gun shop owner who writes whatever he dang well pleases on his storefront sign. It's a beautiful marriage between the first amendment and the second amendment.

Well a gun shop in Vernal, Utah wrote something on their sign that got a pretty big reaction online.

Here's what the sign says:


Gun store advertisements are getting weird
byu/Clonzfoever inUtah

Here are some of the reactions to the sign: (link to full post by u/Clonzforever)

After some questioned whether the sign was photoshopped, u/AfoobertAmongMen said:

"As someone who lived in Vernal for many years, I can confirm that this is real."

u/LegFootGamer said:

"Aren't there 7 or 8 different gun stores on State Street alone? That's a lot of competition, so they need pop culture references to get customers."

u/UtahFiddler said:

"They’re counting on us to connect the dots. They’re saying that the government will do about anything it wants to make sure they maintain control."

u/PaulFThumpkins said:

"We already have more guns than people in the United States. The idea that gun stores need to "start" selling tons of weapons is absurd because they already have.

And the gun fanatics seem completely fine with tyrannical government as long as they think the right people are being hurt. They just want to be considered heroes for some shit they bought."

What are your thoughts on the sign?

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