UFO's are everywhere these days it seems like. You can't can't get to Arby's and back without being blinded by some sort of unidentified saucer up in the sky. My questions is, are you a believer?

Here's my issue: why can't somebody take a picture with their nice iPhone camera? Why do they always take the picture with the family daguerrotype?

Secondly, I don't think drones are UFO's. Meaning it might be a mystery to you, but not to the dude fresh from Radioshack on the other end of it.

Somebody excitedly posted a UFO sighting in Sandy a week ago only to be shot down almost instantly by the commenters: (Link)

"I guess I own a UFO. That's very much a hobby drone. Like a DJI mavic or something."

"Funny how it doesn't seem to matter how much our technology improves, we somehow can't get a focused, unobstructed, and clear video of these ufo's..."

But that's not to diminish all UFO sightings. Smart people are now saying that the accumulation of sightings is staggering, and that there are many that aren't easily explained away.

Just a couple of weeks ago the government admitted finding "non-human" biologics from UFO crash sites.

Per SkyNews:

"Non-human biologics" were recovered by the US government from crash sites, according to a former US intelligence official. 

David Grusch said he was "absolutely" certain the US government is in possession of non-human vehicles.

Asked at a Congress hearing on UFOs whether the "pilots who piloted this craft" were also found, he said "biologics came with some of the recoveries, yeah". (full article)

Are you a believer?

2023 UFO Sightings in Colorado

In 2023, Coloradans reported well over 40 UFO (or UAP) sightings.

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