We're about to go down a path that will have consequences you might not want to deal with...now's the time to bounce.


5. Gordon Hayward's rookie year hair

attachment-Gordy butler

We've heard the Lloyd Christmas jokes already.

Gordy was a loveable, yet simple gamer-nerd, who turned 6-foot-8, 220 pounds when he went through puberty and turned into an All-American at Butler but never changed his hair in the process.


Can you imagine being a multi-millionaire and having this haircut?

No wonder Delonte West game him a wet willy in the middle of a game...

Luckily, by year four Gordo got it together and asked for the "Silicon Slopes" slick haircut and started working for DOMO.

4. Deron Williams


As George Costanza would say: "this is guts."

From afar you can't tell D-Will is clearly clinging to some scraps.

The bangs are ready to drop off at any moment.

(I am going through this phase of life right now.)

3. Hayward again

attachment-Hayward bad hair

This is the worst thing any of us have ever seen. How is this not number 1?

I understand this is in Charlotte but once a Jazz man, always a etc...

2. Carlos Boozer

How is this not number 1???


The game he played with this hair should be put in the Smithsonian next to Archie Bunker's chair.

By the way, Deron dabbled in the shoe polish late in his career too...assist by Booz.

1. Andrei Kirilenko

AK could have had a few on this list, but this is the worst.

I need to go back and watch more AK during this era. Nobody like him.

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