Back in the days when guys named Dwight and Herbert were president, people seemed to enjoy loading up their wagons and heading north to their grandmothers house for Thanksgiving regardless of how big of a hag she was.


Nowadays, the pain of highway travel on I-15 leaves a lot of people saying things like: "(swear word)."

A poster on Reddit named u/fortheloveofdenim said:

"Stop tailgating the carpool lane. I was going 74 MPH."

This brought a bevy of reactions.

Some people said things like:

"People think the HOV lane is the passing lane which it's not." (It's not??)

Others said:

"It’s not even that they think it’s the passing lane they think it’s the damn autobahn! I regularly see people fly up behind me, which I’m usually going about 75-80mph and they’ve gotta be going 90+. Tailgate me fly out around on the double line and then back in. I don’t understand why you think you get to go 100!?"


u/Equalityforeveryonenow asked:

"What's the proper mph to go in the carpool lane? I feel like 80 is a good number without attracting too much attention from law enforcement (assuming dry and clear conditions)."

Here's my thing, the HOV lane isn't a passing lane, but if you're going to go the same speed as the people in the regular lanes why not just stay in those lanes? If there's a ton of traffic that you want to avoid then of course use the HOV, but if traffic is going 75 and you're going 75 in the HOV what's the advantage?

What are your thoughts?

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