Let's get right to this and let me know if at anytime you get insulted or offended and we'll just terminate this whole fiasco.

Best looking states per Zippia.com here's a little methodology...(full article)

"The first factor is the amount of time and interest people spend trying to look appealing. Using data from YesStyle, we found the states have the most clothes store and hair parlors per person and the interest people have in grooming and self-care.

We then examined obesity rates in each state from the CDC. To follow that up, we looked at the CDC’s information on the percent of residents in each state who meet the recommended daily fitness levels.

However, attraction isn’t just surface level. People are attracted to partners who are successful and well-educated. After all, what’s more beautiful than a nice mind? To measure these, we looked at income levels from the Census’ ACS. Income is correlated with education and while money isn’t the only measure of success, it’s not a bad place to start.

Finally, we looked at STD rates per 100,000 for new cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. The more STDs running around, the less attractive the state."


1- New Jersey

I've never met anybody from New Jersey who I had a chance to look at long enough before I ran from the conversation about how the Jets have the defense to compete this year.

2 - Hawaii

No problem here.

3 - California

Did you know that "Wish they all could be California girls" isn't about how great California girls are, it's about how the hornball Beach Boys liked girls from other places better?

4 - Massachusetts

Yeah right.

5 - New York

This is rich.

6 - Colorado

What a poser.

7 - Connecticut

Call my lawyer.

8 - Rhode Island

Are you starting to get insulted yet?

9 - Alaska

Has anybody ever seen an Alaskan's full face?

10 - Arizona

Ok stop. Utah doesn't come in the top 10. I'm sorry.

According to Zippia, Utah is number 12. 

Not horrible, just not great.

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