Every great college football team has an awesome mascot...

Texas has BEVO.

Oklahoma has the Sooner Schooner.

Georgia has Uga.

Florida State has the Seminole.

But the best mascot of all of them is Ralphie.

Colorado literally runs out a 1300 lb. full grown buffalo before the games and it's the best thing in sports. It's better than the game. It's more exciting than all of the 5-star players Coach Prime is bringing to Boulder. The biggest star will always be Ralphie.

So for Utah Tech...when the football Gods decide to send you a gift from heaven, you need to not squander it.

Per ABC4 News:

A rare white bison has been born in a southern Utah town, and the public is encouraged to help pick a name for her.

The new baby calf made her debut on Friday, March 31, at the Zion White Bison Glamping and RV Resort. The new baby bison doesn’t have a name yet, leading to the resort taking suggestions from the public.

(Link to full article)

Utah Tech, steal this thing. Tonight.

Can you imagine this thing grown into adulthood? It's going to be 1500 pounds of white lightning. Now picture this beast leading the Trailblazers out onto the field? Utah Tech instantly goes up about a thousand notches in the college football prestige rankings.

attachment-White Ralphie

Brooks the Bison is fine. Keep him. Does a great job. But this animal is a one-in-a-million gift from heaven and it was born right in your back yard in "Greater Zion"!!

This is too big of an opportunity to mess up. Godspeed.

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